sunnuntai 18. toukokuuta 2008

Persikka, fersken, persika, peach...

Klik..! :)

Ensin ajattelin ettei meiltä löydy mitään persikanväristä, kun luin Angelan blogista että se olisi seuraavan haasteen väri.
Aikani mietittyäni ja selailtuani kuvakansioita, huomasin että jotain sentään.

First I think, we don´t have anything peach in our home, but then I find these..

1. My little peach tree! I`s blooming first time this year.
2. Papaver croceum
3. 4. and 7. Beautiful Rose Westernland
5. Rose Peace
6. 10. and 11. Sky, rainbow and clouds. These i have take in our garden too. (natural colours)
8. 9. Little angel on my window
12. 13. Some favorit dishes
14. 15. Lamp in our bathroom
17. More angels. :) Painting in our entry.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Dear Tuija!
    Thanks for your nice words that you you left on my blog this evening. Yes, flowers are connecting the world! By the way, I have a white bleeding heart, too but it's still quite little. However, I'll try to take some pictures of it very soon.

    Happy gardening and best wishes!

  2. Hello Tuija
    Wonderful pictures.I have also the
    rose westerland,it is a loveley rose

    Happy gardening and greetings from

  3. Hei Anita and Regina, nice to "see" you in here! :)